Thursday, December 2, 2010

Table decoration using wide ribbon

So it isn't complicated to lay a wide ribbon in between the candles and centerpieces, is it? For a glorious ladies only church event - Advent by Candlelight - I chose to do that.  My challenge has been to add the words on the satin ribbon.  That surface is not as user friendly as I anticipated!  Inks are too thin; they spread horizontally with the grain.  Paint pens want to do the same! 
The usual solution to hostile surfaces is to spray with workable fixative.  Hmmm.... That can instructs me to use it in a well ventilated area when the temperature is over 50 degrees. Best solution for me was to stretch out and spray my 12 foot long ribbon across the hood of the car, and chill out in the garage at below 30 degrees.  Ahhh, the struggles of an artist!

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