Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tennis Time - No Matter the Temperature... well, at least 30 degrees!

In Saint Louis, MO when the air chills down toward freezing, there are "crazy" people like us Savages who whack tennis balls on sunny afternoons for 2 to 3 hours.  The past 3 days we braved the 36-46 degree temperatures, got our exercise and vitamin D.  Those came with plenty of choruses: "Good shot!",  "Oh, no!" and  "Ya could'a been great!"

Picture this:  I had no siblings, no close male friends, and here I am competing all out with 5 men on the court.   That doesn't add up, you say?  Tennis doubles has only 4 players....  
That is how Bruce and I always played until we met this eclectic group...
Here is what happens: We put the fifth and sixth person to arrive at the net.  Turns out to be my favorite spot because I get abundant LOW stretching opportunities to avoid being smacked from behind by balls intended to barely clear the net.   Today several of those balls detoured off my person en route.   Yes, the net person IS a target!
But I do enjoy the benefits of strengthening my legs and knees as I slink below the net height!
None of us hold back in any swing.  Bill, the tallest guy, fences every week. I belly laugh because he cowers when the two of us are at net!  Balls fly fast and furiously.  We hit as accurately and as hard as possible.  If we can get to it, we consider it in play. Since we volley with 20 or so balls (one or two in continual play until everyone's pockets are empty,) we don't keep score except for the number of times players get hit.     We have so much FUN!

I would be freezin' on the bench if I didn't have Rhodiola and XS Energy drinks to maximize my energy.  
These give me lasting ZOOM from my first swing to the last Whack!

Our friends are in today's photo.  
Bruce, my husband, is wearing the red jacket.  You can see my shadow.

Sounds like an arctic  blast of semi-chaotic fun?  
Join us!  The more, the merrier!

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