Monday, March 21, 2011

'Tis the season to learn Calligaphy!

Today brought several inquiries about learning to write calligraphy.  
I am thrilled to have a range of ages - new students are a Mom preparing for her son's wedding and a family with children ages 5 and 7.


  1. Hi, Carol.

    Do you teach regular classes, or is it a one-on-one basis? I took a class through Forest Park Community College a few years back and I've been doing calligraphy for fun on my Christmas cards and other things, but would love to get better at it. Is practice the best way, or do you think people learn best when being taught by someone else?


  2. Jenny, you have hit both key points for calligraphic excellence - a clear model introduced by a skilled calligrapher comes first. Practice must follow to achieve a polished "hand."
    My first exposure was to Chancery Cursive while enrolled at Washington University. Due to the professor's instruction and encouragement, my interest and proficiency grew. As I expand my skills I am dependent on my mentor to correct my errors and show me how I can improve.
    A workshop earlier this month brought a huge advance in several directions.
    Now I strive to implement what I learned, always taking my practice to my mentor for her input.
    Yes, I do teach out of my home more often than having classes at Chesterfield Arts.
    I would love to see your lettering sometime, Jenny. Can you send a scan to my email?