Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unexpected Tools for Sign Language

Working on projects away from my home studio, I found myself quite lacking in proper tools. 
Hmmm... No pencil.  No eraser. 
Three small brushes, one plastic ruler.

I had graphite tracing paper, but the lines did not show up on the dark stained board.  So how could I transfer the letters I had designed and intended to paint to make this antique shop sign?
Ordinarily I would have reached for a wood carving tool, or at least my favorite all purpose metal tip - a nut pick.  But alas! this kitchen was sparsely supplied.  I needed a sharp point to cut into the wood without ripping the paper.   For a while I used a nail.  It worked adequately, but was uncomfortable to grip. 

You can see the unexpected tool I preferred: 

No wine bottle in sight, but the grip felt right and the point cut nicely into the pine board!

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